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Exercising Virtual Risk Management

liability waivers In these days of the 'stay at home' and 'stay 2 metres apart', many organizations are offering virtual classes.........Click to read more




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November 2016 "We have to face the reality of climate change...The biggest threat we are facing:

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February 2016 ~ Confidentiality Clauses in Claim Settlements: Is This Ethical?

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May 2015 ~ Dealing With Illegal Dumping

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August 2009 ~ Who's Responsible for Sports Venue Rentals?

May 2009 ~ 5 Tips When Filing a Claim & ACV/RC. Co-Insurance: It Matters!

February 2009 ~ Public Entries and the New Senior Citizen

November 2008 ~ After the Accident & Volunteering Screening Tips

August 2008 ~ Risk Management Appraisals & Trials - A Battle of the Experts?

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June 2007 ~ It's the Little Things That Make a Difference

February 2007 ~ Amusement Devices: 5 Checks for Loss Prevention & Ride Smart

November 2006 ~ Enterprise Risk Management - Conclusion From August

August 2006 ~ Enterprise Risk Management - Part 1                                          

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Introduction to Risk Management:     click to read full article
Risk is a part of life. Whether it’s protecting ourselves from risk of a fall or protecting our homes from a robbery - we all practice risk management to a greater or lesser extent. Unfortunately, the hazards in business are often not as obvious and are frequently only identified in hindsight.
Today’s most successful organizations recognize risk management techniques as valuable to their management tool box.

5 Steps To Easier Insurance Buying :     click to read full article
Organizers learn the types of risks encountered while planning a special event. Prepare yourself by knowing the 5 Steps to Easier Insurance Buying.

Child :      click to read full article
If there ever was a time when child welfare workers were thought of as heroes by the general public, that image is long since past. Many people today believe case workers are "child snatchers" who carry out their nefarious deeds with the blessing of incomprehensible red tape.
Today, workers are expected to have sound credentials, always follow the rules, always get approvals from all levels of management, be flexible, effective, efficiently and thoroughly document their decisions while simultaneously being warm, caring, understanding and error-free. Failure at any step of the process means flirting with a lawsuit.

Alcohol Liability :    click to read full article
Most liquor laws state that it is an offense to allow individuals to become intoxicated or to serve individuals who are already intoxicated......