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Benefits for You and Your Organization

Encourage pro-active thinking and innovation
Discover new skills and ideas to improve project rates
Learn new skills and be prepared for new challenges
Improve business processes, productivity, and employee job satisfaction
Position yourself to further your career
Indulge your passion for learning

Professional Development Seminars & Presentations

Cunnart associates

Professional Development opportunities need to be accurate, up-to-date and highly interactive. Participants have frequent opportunities to ask questions and learn from shared experiences. Attendees learn how to leverage specialized knowledge and improve results from balancing risk and reward.

The world of risk is evolving quickly; it is increasingly important that corporations invest in their employees.

~Cunnart’s seminars focus on delivering specialized specific knowledge and relevant skills that empower  
  attendees to respond to these rapid changes.
~Many different seminars are available and can be modified to meet client needs, are regularly updated and
  evaluated, and are designed to be highly informative and compact. Most seminars are between 4 and 14 
  classroom hours, although some may be as much as 20 classroom hours.
~Providing a strong balance of theory and practical experience, seminars are crafted to ensure learning can be
  immediately applied by participants. These opportunities are specially designed to help people meet the
  challenges faced in dealing with day-to-day challenges.
~We offer a range of qualifications based courses and professional development workshops designed for the
  community care sector. If you would prefer a tailored training package delivered in your workplace.

Professional Development is for: risk management
~Senior Managers responsible for corporate governance and those seeking to
  understand the role of risk management in the organization
~Realty Services Managers, and Property Managers
~Purchasing and Procurement Managers, Supervisors and Specialists
~Project Managers, Security Managers and Specialists
~Operations Managers, Supervisors and Lead hands
~Community Service Managers and Supervisors
~Corporate planners, including Process Improvement and Innovations Specialists
~Risk Managers, Claims Managers, Insurance Buyers, Supervisors and Para-Legal Specialists
~Information Technology Managers and Specialists


Joy Jackson is a professional trainer and public speaker with expertise focused on risk management, and a particular focus on public sector risk management. She has spoken to audiences from 10 to 100 across Canada. With her sense of humor, and clear style of simplifying complex concepts, Joy is a top-rated speaker at conferences and workshops.
Audience members will experience “aha” moments, plus practical strategies and tactics they can implement right away. Joy doesn’t deliver “fluff”; she consistently delivers great value to her audiences and is always committed that everyone leaves with much risk management knowledge, but also feeling more empowered, and more confident about achieving objectives.
Joy is diplomatic and professional before, during and after the speaking engagement. She doesn’t rush off without taking time to speak with attendees; she prefers to linger, allowing attendees a chance to speak with her as much as possible. When appropriate, she also typically schedules posts notice of up-coming events - a great way to increase visibility for your event. Truly passionate about making the benefits of using risk management, Joy shares her insight so that you can benefit for her knowledge and experience.

Seminar Timing and Locations: Seminars are presented at a time and location that meets your needs.

The investment in your event varies by length of seminar and the amount of customization necessary for the event to meet your requirements.
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