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joy jackson cunnart associates, risk management education, risk management services, risk management consultant, risk management teaching and trainingEvery one of us has either worked for, or become, a manager. Management is work of great responsibility and pressure. Risk managers have an added pressure – they are expected to identify risks that could harm the corporation and ‘deal with them’ That's what is great about coaching risk managers – identifying risks and implementing sound solutions is very satisfying to the manager and the coach.
The unfortunate reality for many risk management practitioners’ is that they are thrust into the role without sufficient preparation or support. As a risk management coach, I provide risk management coaching to help those in need of guidance from an experienced professional.
Who hasn't had an AHA! moment during a great seminar, conference or training session? But, back at the office, voicemails, emails, and ASAP tasks makes it nearly impossible to promptly use (and retain) what you learned. Compare that result to coaching, which is designed to occur during the workday, on a regular basis - and to continue for as long as needed. The coaching process allows you to test, fine-tune, and implement strategies with objective, supportive, and professional help.

Coaching complements formal training and seminars.

Training seminars, workshops, and conferences by necessity offer the same program to all attendees, regardless of individual strengths, weaknesses, interests, or needs.
Coaching: customized and confidential.
One and one coaching picks right up where formal training leaves off. It provides individual, customized learning without distraction. Another advantage is that the totally private coaching discussion means there's no need to withhold specifics on any topic. Each call is allows the discussion to be precisely what's needed no matter what's on their mind. I.E: What is needed - is what is discussed!
Coaching: in person or by telephone...
Coaching takes learning beyond theories, concepts, and short presentations. It focuses each session on what you need right now to make the call a relevant and timely learning opportunity. Coaching continues over an extended period, which allows for reinforcement of concepts, allows it to be immediately relevant to current concerns and practical.
~ Private meetings are most useful; they can be time-consuming - due to travel arrangements and other   
   logistics. However, one-on-one, private meetings let both parties establish a greater level of trust and
   understanding to strengthen results.

~ Coaching via telephone is unexpectedly efficient and cost-effective. Telephone coaching saves time and
   money. After an initial meeting, regular 30 - 45 minute coaching conversations will be fit into the daily
   routine. Upon finishing the call and reflecting on what has been discussed, it is easy to return to work. No
   traffic problems, weather conditions or other disruptions. Telephone coaching is convenient, less disruptive
   and inexpensive.

Coaching: tailored to meet your needs
When employees’ need to grow and develop their risk management skills - achieving lasting and sustainable change - coaching is the perfect complement to training, seminar, and conference attendance.
To better understand how coaching can help - try it! Just a 20-to-30 minute phone call on a current issue or an email inquiry will let you see what it is like.

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