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joy jackson cunnart associates, risk management education, risk management services, risk management consultant, risk management teaching and trainingLet Joy help you stay current on the rapidly changing risks in your business sector and teach your staff skills to improve corporate strategy and your chances for successful outcomes.
Joy is a highly sought-after risk management speaker, consultant, author and educator who shows a deep understanding how risk management tools can work to enhance your business. A professional risk manager based in London, Ontario, Joy believes that too often the benefits of risk management tools are overlooked.
She believes in continuing education, and has an in-depth understanding of both business risk and continues to seek educational opportunities herself.
Joy can help you introduce risk management to take advantage of opportunities, to attract and maintain employees and to reduce costs.
A Fellow, Chartered Insurance Professional with the Insurance Institute of Canada and a Fellow, Risk Manager in the Global Risk Management Institute.

Joy continues teaching and training in classrooms, association boardrooms, and as a conference speaker. She’s worked with dozens of organizations, all over the country, helping them improve approaches to risk management and insurance purchasing, to improve results. She inspires audiences to think differently, work smarter, and reach their goals.

Joy subscribes to General George S. Patton’s

approach to risk:

“Take calculated risks. That is quite different from being rash.”

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joy jackson, cunnart associate

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