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Cloutier Measuring Device- Only $179.00 Cloutier Measuring Device
~ Proven - used as evidence in trials
~ Easy to read - Black lettering against steel background
~ Stable - Remains standing while you take your photos
~ Accurate - Metal rulers do not warp or bend
~ Durable - Constructed of hard wood for longevity
~ Measures - In both imperial and metric
~ Inset Ruler - Set into wood for protection

Compared to handling a tape measure = which evidence would you rather have?

$179.99 - Delivered -

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Books: (not exactly as shown)
Don’t let the size or price of these guides fool you.  It took months of research, reviewing books, other documents, and talking with experts, plus developing and testing my own ideas of how to manage contract risk – easily and effectively to prepare these guides for publishing..
Each guide contains tips that anyone can apply. These ideas are not magic. Nor are they exclusively available here. If you prefer, you can spend weeks talking to colleagues and researching other sources. But – if you don’t have the time or desire to do that why, not spend just $4.99 to get to the heart of the matter. You will find more practical ideas in these concise guides than you will find in many books at higher prices. Note! Results are contingent on the time and effort you put into using the strategies outlined.

Why only $4.99? Because this low price makes it easy for you to buy. And, anyone unwilling to spend less than the price of a lunch to improve results are unlikely to use these ideas.

                                                   ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

*COMING SOON - Volunteers: Best Risk Management Practices
This best practices guide to volunteer management is an assessment tool designed specifically to help volunteer managers, at all levels, measure their behaviours and practices to improve effectiveness as volunteer leaders. It highlights policies and procedures used by top-tier volunteer-based organizations that protect community service providers, workers and clients while ensuring a positive and successful volunteer experience. It can be used alone, as a workshop/seminar supplement and in coaching environments.
It will be available in both print and e-book formats.

YOU Can Reduce Contract Risk - $4.99 or $17.99Joy Jackson, risk management speaker, consultant, cunnart associates risk assesment services and consulting, joy jackson london ontario,

Business decisions are routinely made that bind one party to another through contracts.  Often, theseagreements are not thought of as a binding contract at the moment – they are ‘only’ purchase orders, easement agreements, facility rentals, etc.  In reality, using appropriate tools and resources, risk can be readilyassigned to the appropriate party through that contract.  This guide contains tips that make this assignment of cost simple to apply in a wide variety of contracts. It is a useful resource for purchasing professionals, risk managers, project managers and insurance professionals, providing insights into American and Canadian systems. This guide will help you avoid common drawbacks in contracts.
Topics Include:
~ Written vs. verbal contracts
~ Authority to bind the corporation
~ Risk Transfers language
~ Hold Harmless and indemnity clauses
~ Types and amounts of insurance
~ additional insured Status
~ Certificates of insurance
~ What to look for on bonds
~ How to make bond claims

You Can Reduce Contract Risk:


151 Ways To Identify Risk - $4.99 or $16.99Joy Jackson, risk management speaker, consultant, cunnart associates risk assesment services and consulting, joy jackson london ontario,

Risk Identification – the first essential step in every risk management plan. You must know what the numerous risks facing your organization are before you can begin to treat them. With prudent identification practices, you will have greater confidence that business decisions will generate positive results. Tips cover: Building and Contents; Loss of Income; Documentation Review; Corporate Governance; Legal Liability; Personnel Management; Fraud/Theft of Assets and Corporate Risk Tolerance.

151 Ways to Identify Risk:  https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/650591

Special Events are Special Risks
- $14.99 or $54.99risk management for hosting special events
Special Events are Special Risks is a complete guide for public entities who rent indoor and outside facilities for special events. You can use these ideas for music festivals, fall fairs and many other types of events. This valuable resource saves time for novice and experience event coordinators alike. The practical, proven, and easy-to-implement methods are easy to read and implement, and focuses on Six Key Topics:
~ Event Planning practices
~ Accident prevention and reporting
~ Security planning
~ Amusement ride consideration
~ Alcohol management
~ Parade management

At almost 200 pages this manual helps event and festival organisers and organising committees to minimize risk while achieving success with community, regional event or festival in almost any location, inside or out. Included are 27 handy forms you can customize with your logo and contact information then use to control risk and improve documentation!

 Hardcopy - $54.99 -
 E-edition - $14.99

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Special Events are Special Risks - Forms CD - $6.99 or $24.99
This companion CD is available to compliment Special Events are Special Risks by featuring more than 28 forms you can immediately put into use simply by adding your logo! CD (Word format only.)

More than 25 forms on CD (Word format)
Two formats available – price includes shipping and handling

CD - $6.99 -    
 CD - delivered - $24.99 -

The risks with volunteers Invoice me later on Cloutier Measuring Device

Volunteers: Asset or Liability? - $14.99 or $54.99

This is a handy reference manual has more than 200 pages describes way to effectively and efficiently establish and maintain your volunteer program. You will learn:

  • ~Simple, practical risk management practices to optimize working with volunteers
    ~Guidelines for screening volunteers that protect clients, co-workers and customers
    ~Tips that you and employee who works with volunteers can use
    ~Ideas for applying these tips in ways that minimize effort and maximize results

E-edition - $14.99 -    
Hardcopy Delivered - $54.99 -  
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Volunteers: Asset or Liability? Audio CD - $6.99 - $24.99

 A companion to Volunteers: Asset or Liability? this audio CD reveals practical tips to managing the relationship between volunteers and the organization. Joy's tales of volunteer successes and failures, myths and realities will have you eager to try the strategies she recommends.


Volunteers: Asset or Liability? - Forms on CD - More than 25 forms on CD in Word Format

  CD E-edition - $6.99 -  
  CD Delivered - $24.99 -  


Removing the Risk from Child Welfare Services - $9.99 or $49.99

Today, child welfare providers and their representatives are held accountable when services go awry. This manual takes you step-by-step from identifying and prioritizing risks through to establishing sound policies and procedures to protect your organization, its reputation and the children you serve.
Included topics are: Removing the risk from child welfare services - book



child welfare services the risks

CD - E-edition - $6.99 -  
CD - Delivered - $24.99 -
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